10 Official Android Apps that You Need to Have

We cannot live without our smartphones, and it’s definitely not because of their ability to make phone calls. We love them for a variety of activities that we can do with the mobile applications installed. While some apps we try are only used for fun, others cover our everyday needs and make our life easier.

Some of us prefer or can only afford free applications, while others believe that nominal fees are worth the obtained functionality. Below you will find the list of ten free top must-have apps for Android that we think will help you.

For Your Business and Everyday Life


gmail app screenshot

Gmail is the first must-have app on Android we recommend. This well-known application for exchanging emails was created in 2004 for the web. Later Gmail joined Google Mobile Services and became the most popular email application. 

Google Search

google search screenshot

Google Search is the largest search engine, which is an irreplaceable helper to find articles, pictures, news, audio, video, and other content with a couple of taps. This powerful tool is quick, precise, responsive, and saves you time with its Google Assistant voice commands. 

Google Maps

google maps app screenshot

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a driver not using this app at least once in a while. Far beyond simple address search, this app shows you the traffic, expected time of arrival, landscape, the places to visit, cafes, and restaurants nearby. We already got used to this fantastic app, and we doubt that you can forget to install this treasure on your new smartphone.


uber app screenshot

This location-based app provides you with secure and often cheap transporting options in and around cities and towns. In cases when you cannot use a car, or if you prefer biking or shared rides, this one will be of use. 

Amazon Mobile

amazon shopping app screenshot

Amazon Mobile works similar to the web version. This application will help you search for products, make purchases, and sell goods on the go, in your bed, before going to sleep, or as you have a couple of minutes between the lectures. We all use this amazing eCommerce marketplace, and the mobile app made it even closer.


zoom app screenshot

Zoom has become the second most downloadable app in the world during the last several months. In the changing situation with the pandemic, this video streaming tool can definitely be treated as reliable. We would expect you to use this app for your work or business communication rather than in personal situations, nonetheless having it on your phone makes you a mobile and flexible employee.

For Fun and Entertainment


youtube app screenshot

Almost every day, we search for video content using this great platform. Educational, promotional, travel, entertaining, health, and culinary topics are just a few among many. Whether you upload the clips right from your device to the web or download videos to watch them offline on your phone, YouTube is here for you. 


instagram app screenshot

This photo-sharing social network has become extremely popular due to its features, filters, and live video streaming content. Many people share their personal microblogs on Instagram, and others use it as a selling and buying tool. It is a bright, comfortable, and inspiring app.


facebook app screenshot

Nowadays, this social network is used for personal and business communication. Though we mentioned it in the ‘fun’ section, this is not always the case as Facebook’s multiple features give a lot of possibilities for entrepreneurs to promote their products and/or services.


whatsapp app screenshot

This chat app is safe and full of useful features for communicating with people. Video and audio calls are allowed between international phone numbers. Moreover, your desktop version (where you can securely exchange documents) depends on the status of the mobile version!

This concludes our list of must-have apps for Android, which seems a bit too short for a modern Android device. It is quite likely that the list of the apps you’d like to install will differ from those above due to many factors, but we hope that this article was useful for you.