How to Make Group FaceTime Calls (iPhone, iPad, and Mac Guide)

Social distancing and continuously updating distant work policies have made video conferencing our fundamental daily routine. Apple supplies an excellent proprietary conferencing option for their clients, the FaceTime program. If you are using one of the devices from Apple, and you are tired of searching for a program that's both convenient and has no privacy issues, FaceTime is a superb option for you. 

It is preinstalled in your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, permitting you to use the whole set of features at no cost. Keep in mind that FaceTime will allow you to create safe video chats for as many as 32 people.  So let’s move on to how to make group FaceTime calls.

Group FaceTime Calls on iOS Devices

Let’s start with the easiest way – learning how to use FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If you’re looking only for macOS instructions, scroll down to the next section.

  1. Start the FaceTime app on your device. 
  2. Find the"+" among other buttons.  
  3. Tap on it to add a person to the convo.  

If the man or woman is already in your contact list, you can just begin typing his/her name and select it in the listing of proposed contacts. Otherwise, you need to enter the complete telephone number of the individual who you need to contact.  

If the person’s name is colored in grey, it means that he/she doesn’t have access to FaceTime. If the person’s name is of blue color, you can telephone or add them into an on-going conversation.

group facetime calls

To begin a conversation, you need to tap Video or Audio and then await other people to join you.  You may invite up to 31 participants before starting a call, as well as during it. To add a person during the call, you need to swipe up to open the Options. Then tap the Add Person button. Thus, you don’t need to end this call and start the new one. To end the conversation, simply tap on the red cross icon. 

Group FaceTime Calls on MacOS

call on facetime on macos

The MacOS version of the program is somewhat more flexible since it allows you to get users of any OS if you don't require video. To begin, start FaceTime, then input numbers and names of people that you would like to phone, and tap Video or Audio to earn a call. Independently of your own choice, Android users can’t join the conversation with video (audio only).  

The Finder-like icon at the left corner allows you to open the list of contacts and add/remove individuals from the convo without ending it (just like with the iOS/iPadOS variant).  

Group Calls via Messages

When messaging with friends or coworkers on the group chat, tap on the header of this dialog to show chat options. You will notice video and audio call choices there.  Choose the one you need this time, and you will be automatically switched to FaceTime.  

Mac users can also take advantage of this useful feature. Just click on the Details menu button at the top right corner of the active chat. Similar to the iOS program, you will find audio and video call icons.  Just click on the one that you require, and your Mac will instantly begin calling all of the people in the chat that are online. 

With this feature of FaceTime, you'll have the ability to save plenty of time, resolve many different work tasks, and also have fun with the app. If you know some fascinating or hidden features of FaceTime, share with us in the comments below. Let’s share some secrets and make this remote lifestyle easier.