Minecraft: An Easy Way To Tame A Fox

It is a well-known fact that foxes in Minecraft are simply adorable. You can’t literally walk by without a sigh of admiration. Don’t you mind having one or two or the whole team of foxes among your friends? Of course, we strongly advise you not to repeat this action and not to tame foxes in the real world, but in Minecraft, everything is possible. Even domesticating wild animals.

Foxes live in the wild, and you probably have already seen these furry beauties in Minecraft. If you are not the Little Prince who was a natural at the friendship with the fox, you will have to put some effort into taming them. Here is a little guidance to save your energy.

Is There Any Specific Place?

Yes, there is. Usually, foxes do not like to show themselves to people, and you can see them rarely comparing to other animals in Minecraft. If you have a specific goal to tame the fox, you need to start with Taiga areas. This area is barely populated, it is cold, and covered with forests. You have to search in all three varieties of Taiga biomes: giant trees, snowy and normal.

Foxes dwell in these biomes. They live in groups of up to 4 animals. You can meet baby foxes there as well. You have to know that in snowy areas, white foxes live while red species prefer to live in normal ones. There is no point to travel through the snowy Taiga if you need a red fox.

Taming Process

foxes on minecraft screenshot

The main condition of taming the fox is that this furry creature must be just born. So, you may speak to the father fox and mother fox, make a date for them and convince them that they need to breed. Minecraft offers you a simple way to do this. Just pick two sweet berries. Give one of them to one fox and another to its soul-mate. Wait for some time, and you will receive a newborn fox who will become your friend for life.

But to make your friendship everlasting and strong, you have to move the young fox away from its parents and other foxes. Nice start of true friendship, right? This is the only way. Leave these areas when you get the small fox, so it would not run away. Now you have to take care of the fox. It is your responsibility.

You will have to craft the lead out with a slimeball and four-string. This way you will make sure that the young fox follows you. Beware! If you decide to breed red and white foxes together, their baby can be either red or white. You will not know beforehand. There is 50 percent that it will be red and 50 percent that it will be white. If you don’t actually care, why not? But if you need a specific color, it is better not to take chances.

How Many Foxes Are Enough?

Once you successfully tamed one small fox, you may want to provide it with friends who will equally be loyal to you. Minecraft offers you a world where everything is possible. You may try to get more foxes. Just make sure that they are fed and have the place to sleep and live. You will have to take care of all the creatures you tamed.

You can accommodate foxes on your base. They are good defenders in case if anyone attacks you. If you have nothing more to do, you can try to create a cute army of foxes. They will protect you from others and be loyal to you.

Possible Obstacles on Your Way

Foxes have low chances to breed if they carry one of these items in their mouths. You have to make sure that there are none. The items:

  • Emerald;
  • Egg;
  • Leather;
  • Feather;
  • Rabbit hide or Rabbit’s foot;
  • Wheat.

Do You Need a Fox?

Actually, you don’t need to have a fox to play Minecraft. Foxes are just additional bonuses that make the game entertaining. If you don’t like foxes or prefer other creatures, you can just leave them alone. It is unlikely that foxes will bother you on your base. Have you ever met the fox in Minecraft? Do you like them? We are eager to hear your thoughts about Minecraft animals. Who is your favorite one?