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DIRECTV review

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Molly Johnson

DIRECTV review

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DIRECTV is a mobile application brought to you by Direct TV – the veteran television broadcasting company, that's been around since '94. This company is famous for offering subscription plans affordable by many, High-Definition picture quality, video recording, etc.

DIRECTV app is striving to do the same. Available for both iOS and Android it promises to bring you the enjoyable experience of:

  • Watching your favorite shows, TV-series, and games in HD.
  • Recording them.
  • Putting on pause and resuming etc.

And all this luxury is available without any extra expenditures.


The DIRECTV's mission is to give you a mobile TV, wherever you go. Shows, movies, sports events – all are available in the app and can be viewed during a live broadcast or watched later if you tap the recording button. Although Live shows get recorded by default, so you don't have to worry about missing something exciting – simply tap on the Rewind button.

Since you're using your actual credentials, to get an account in DIRECTV, it'll perfectly know the history of all your previously watched shows. And the new Data Free feature allows you to stream whatever you're watching in DIRECTV to your other devices.

Apart from recording shows or watching them on-demand, you can also enjoy Bob's Burgers, Mr. Robot, Sunday Night Football, and so on, on the bigger screen.  It only works if you have a smart TV of course, but the effect is quite enjoyable.

Plus your gadget can be a substitute for your TV remote control if it's fallen a brave victim to your dog's fangs. Additionally, the application understands the voice commands and searches for the show or a channel. As soon as you speak its title.

The cherry on top is the Parental Control feature, which guarantees your kids won't have access to inappropriate content, obscenities, cynical jokes, excessive violence, etc.

Ease of Use

The application has an elegant and sleek interface, with a calm color palette composed of blue and black. Navigation in the app isn't challenging at all, since the menu bars and buttons are pretty much self-explanatory.

The picture quality both when displayed in the app or on the big screen remains decent. Every now and then the broadcast may stutter, which again solely depends on how well your connectivity performs. Luckily you can add extra-time when recording, so no memorable, crucial moments of your treasured shows will be missed. Besides re-watching them is available on-demand, anytime.

Additionally, to make your life a little easier, DIRECTV gives you an option to pay your bills right in the application.
Get access to your revered shows, record them, and keep them for re-watching later with the DIRECTV app. Plus it can be a substitute for your remote control.


  • Recording feature
  • It understands voice commands
  • Parental control available


  • Unstable
  • Not the best usage on phone

Interface 4

Features 4

Usability 3

Compatibility 2

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