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Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

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Molly Johnson

Hello Neighbor review

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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror with elements of puzzle. The game is very simple in its idea: there is the main character, and his neighbor covers something dark and terrible. The hero needs to find out what it is. The app was developed by the studio tinyBuild, and now it's available both on Android and Apple devices.

Graphics and Sound 4/5

Hello Neighbor has a chic visual style – psychedelic, deformed, and retro-futuristic, clearly inspired by America of the fifties. The strained atmosphere is created by horrifying sounds and music. Anyway, some locations were made carelessly, e.g. in some rooms, there is no furniture. At all.

3D graphics is mixed with a first-person view. Also, the authors have completely forgotten about peeping around the corner which is why stealth turns into absolute random.

Controls 4/5

The stealth mechanic is great here: you can hide from the neighbor behind the door, distract him making some noise, or simply bypass, bending down. Sometimes you'll have to run away from the angry neighbor. All in all, controls here are simple to deal with on mobile devices.

Gameplay 3/5

The game consists of three acts, revealing three moments in the life of the main character: two moments from childhood and one from adult life. The first and the second are very simple. These acts serve as a warm-up before the last in which the neighbor's house grows to unbelievable sizes, and the puzzles become more complex.

The characteristic feature of the game is the artificial intelligence of the neighbor which can adapt to the actions of the player. If you climb through the window, he will put a trap under it, and come to see what is happening.

Almost everywhere in Hello Neighbor, you can solve puzzles only by trying all possible options, pressing all available buttons, and collecting all the items on the level. It is terrible to imagine how long it will take an unprepared player to complete the level.

Still, if you are caught, the level will simply restart. There are no terrifying teeth or dismemberment. But being noticed is still very unpleasant.

There are many bugs in the game. A couple of times we managed to die, simply jumping over objects: one thing threw us at another with terrible force. Also, it happened that key objects disappeared from the inventory or the game world in general, and it was necessary to go through the whole act anew.

Lasting Appeal 3/5

To complete the game, you have to solve riddles, and in the third act, there are so many of them that the neighbor begins to annoy. Moreover, the riddles are a huge obstacle: the game gives almost no clues about what needs to be done. We are not sure that you'll be able to get through the game for a long time.
Though it's possible to complete Hello Neighbor within several hours, there are too many annoying moments. You may get stuck in one level for 2-3 hours.


In a word, Hello Neighbor has a lot of problems. If we evaluate it as an ordinary indie game, then we can recommend it, but with caution: it doesn’t work as horror. Also, puzzle lovers may have a hard time regardless of their experience and cleverness.


  • Chic visual style
  • Artificial intelligence of the neighbor
  • Pleasant controls


  • Some riddles can't be solved logically
  • Many bugs

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 3

Lasting Appeal 3

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