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Instagram review

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Katrina Menary

Instagram review

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Instagram is one of those social media that have changed the world. It’s easy as never to share your photo and to follow others to see pictures and videos they share. More than social media, Instagram is the way our age looks.

Design and Usability 5/5

Instagram used to cut all the pictures to square size 640*640, so they look best on the iPhone screen. Now it’s available for most devices, supports various ratios, and dimension limitations are 1080*1080 – quite a Full HD. But the idea is still the same: edit and publish your photos as quickly as possible, so the followers see your life in real time, and you see that of yours.

The design, though, didn’t basically change all the time Insta has been around. There is the main window with your feed or editor, and buttons below to select actions. It’s so intuitive that even those seeing it for the first time ger familiar in minutes. There is no iPad app, but Android tablets handle the phone version well.

Key Functions 5/5

Instagram is for sharing pics. Take a snap, process it with a built-in editor, apply some filter, add some caption. Don’t forget hashtags for your pic to be easily found. Post it. It’s all a matter of seconds. Record videos and post them too. Create your stories and let them maintain for 24 hours, so everyone following you can see them.

Follow other users and see their pictures as they post them. Comment. Like. Reply to comments. Communicate via direct messages. Make video calls. It will take a third-party app to share somebody else’s picture on your page, but it’s possible. Saving photos from Insta is locked, so you’ll need a mod.

As the app has not so many features, changing any of them causes a sort of scandal. Many users still regret their photo map (though even more probably don’t). Now the team is testing hidden likes, so strangers cannot see how many people like this or that pic.

Security & App Purchases 4/5

I leave one point because Insta is owned and controlled by Facebook, and it’s a risk factor by itself. The rest is quite fine with it. It’s free for users, except for ads you see in your feed.

These ads mimic regular posts, so it takes more than a glance to detect an ad, or just to see why you’re seeing posts from someone you don’t follow. Unless you advertise or promote something, there is not a paid option.


It took Instagram less than a decade to advance from revolution to tradition. Now it’s one of the most downloaded apps; everyone wants to see beautiful pictures, and most of us like to share them. Stars rise, stars shine, stars get touchable, a star may be you! So download Instagram and light your own star. In addition, it’s a great way of telling important news to all your friends in one move, very visually – both in stories and in posts.


  • Easy interface with a good editor
  • Photos and videos of any ratio and almost any size supported
  • Facebook and other social media integration
  • External editors integration
  • Filters save even photos shot with a poor camera


  • It’s Facebook-owned
  • Ads integrated to your feed
  • May take too much of your time
  • No iPad app

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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