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Microsoft Excel review

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Katrina Menary

Microsoft Excel review

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If you're serious about your career, then staying efficient is your number one priority. And you never know when another job assignment is going to get to you. Probably while you're on the plane to a business summit, or during a train ride to Manchester's conference on the deep-learning in the hotel industry.

But no worries: at least one thing you'll be always able to manage on the go, and it's spreadsheets. Powered by Microsoft Excel.

Ms Excel is a legendary software, which has migrated to the mobile platforms, thus ensuring that your important paperwork can be created, edited, managed, saved, and shared even in very extreme situations. The mobile version of Excel has all the same pivotal features as its desktop counterpart.


Ms Excel honestly excels when it comes to designing spreadsheets. You can make charts and illustrate them with lines, pie graphs, histograms, formulas, and so forth. A variety of premade templates and drawing tools allows you to design whatever paperwork you only might need. For instance, you can:

  • Keep track of the company's expenses/income.
  • Analyze budgeting.
  • Do bookkeeping.
  • Prepare reports on demand/supply.

And much more.

Excel app provides you with wide collaboration opportunities as well. Using the mobile connection, you can share documents with your colleagues via email or employ the services of one of the cloud services: OneDrive or Dropbox. SharePoint is also supported.

When collaborating on an Excel sheet, you and your co-workers can leave notes, commentaries, highlight problematic/important fragments of your collective work, or make changes. Not to mention that the documents can be printed right from your device.

Ease of Use

The mobile Excel's outlay is nearly identical to that of the desktop version, therefore adaptation won't require too much time or effort. All the crucial functions are present in the app, although some can be unlocked only after paying the extra-fee.

The app's interface identical to that of the PC version is an endearing bonus, however, it takes its toll on your device: the application needs at least 1GB of RAM.

Microsoft Excel app for Android and iOS is a powerful tool for designing, managing, and sharing spreadsheet documentation. It's excellent for business, scientific and study purposes because even its free version enables you to do the top-notch paperwork.

Interface 5

Features 5

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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