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Pinterest review

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Patricia Curtis

Pinterest review

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Pinterest is a creative social network for saving and sharing ideas. If you have something to show to the world, just snap it and share it as a pin. Watch the others decorate their houses, work out, learn fine arts, make memes, and find rarities, and contribute with your own ideas!

Design and Usability 4/5

As for reading, pinning, and commenting on other users’ pins, it’s almost perfect. On the home screen, you can browse categories, tap certain pins to see them, add to your own boards, and discuss.

But it’s unobvious and tricky when you’re making out how to make your own pins. It turns out that you have to enter your profile, find a “+” icon at the top of it, and then select whether you want to create a pin or a board. Well, you get used to it after a pin or two, but it’s quite tricky.

Key Functions 4/5

Pinterest is about anything visual. Any ideas about decorating your room? Creative slogans for celebrations and parties? Funny costumes or phone cases? Rare photos of Freddie Mercury or JFK? Your successes in bonsai, calligraphy, or losing weight? Show and share.

To create a pin, you can just upload a photo or a video, add some caption and hashtags. If it’s useful, it will be shared widely, and you may become a Pinterest star. But it doesn’t take just looks (this is no Instagram!) or just instructions. First, you need to make or invent something and then share it as a pin.

If you tried some advice or idea in your real life, you can share your own experience in comments, just to show the author and the world how it went. This feedback is one of the basic features that made Pinterest so popular. You can do it too; that’s the motto.

Pinterest also has its own system of public boards, collections, hashtags, and even pic search. But the developers constantly renew the app, adding new features and removing those considered obsolete. And if you have got used to its recommendations or similar pins showed, you may lack it after the next update.

Security & App Purchases 5/5

Along with Pinterest’s own accounts, you can also log in with Google or Facebook. It’s okay by itself, but if you care about your boards, you must watch your Facebook or Google security even harder.

The app is completely free for regular users, but, just like it is with Instagram, your stream contains ads. These ads are personalized, according to your location, preferences, and personal data you provide, like age or gender.


Pinterest is the greatest this-is-how-we-do-it exhibition on your phone. Sharing little secrets of offices, plants, and households is the primordial soup where big ideas may grow. Create, try, repeat, remix, do it your way, and tell them how and what. The more pics and videos you pin up, the better.


  • Lots of ideas and life hacks presented visually for your home, leisure, and work
  • You can respond to any idea with your own practice or vision
  • Pins can be shared to the world or to your friends


  • The interface could have been more intuitive
  • Updates sometimes disappoint

Interface 4

Features 4

Usability 5

Compatibility 5

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