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Roblox review

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Molly Johnson

Roblox review

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Roblox is among the world’s largest sandbox platforms. Each month, close to 64 million active gamers gather in Roblox to create, imagine, and play against one another. The ability to interact with the immersive 3D world adds to the already great appeal of the game. Upon opening a Roblox account, you simply log in and join the fun. 

Users generate every object in Roblox including the characters. Players have the freedom to create theme parks, race as a professional car driver, become the star of a fashion show, or even build a fantastic home and relax with pals. In this game, imagination is everything!

Graphics 4/5

Roblox released dazzling new lighting and shadow feature called dynamic lighting. This innovation will light up the millions of player-generated environments that currently exist within the Roblox platform. Players will now be able to view Roblox in a whole new, different light.

The Roblox engine will make use of voxels or in simpler terms, volumetric pixels to produce highly dynamic shadows that update in real-time. Moreover, the smooth performance is because all the processing goes to the CPU as opposed to the graphics chip. All these features make the game world more creative and visually stimulating.

Controls 4/5

Inter-platform multiplayer gaming will allow you to hang out with millions of online players as well as friends across different smartphones, computers, tablets, and VR. Customizable avatars enable you to take on a new persona and clothe your avatar as you wish. There are a variety of shirts, gear, faces, and other elements. During gameplay, you can chat with your online friends using the built-in chat features, groups, and private messages. This feature makes the game highly enjoyable and thrilling as you can exchange ideas and cooperate on joint missions to enhance your chances of success. 

Lasting Appeal 4/5

Roblox is a favorite among players craving creative and social games. The experience offered is thrilling and rewarding. The ability to customize environments and characters attracts many players who can showcase their customization skills as they also contribute to the development of the game. It unleashes an individual’s creativity and imagination. 

The limitless variety of gaming worlds makes this game highly entertaining and addictive. The majority of players get addicted to this game instantly.  

Difficulty 4/5

The difficulty of Roblox can vary depending on the type of game and its complexity. There are some simple challenges while others are difficult to solve. The difficulty will depend on your skill and passion for the game, which can foster mixed views about this game since you may find it highly rewarding or challenging. Generally, it requires a considerable amount of concentration and effort to get comfortable with everything the game has in store. 


Roblox is a highly popular game due to its numerous features and endless possibilities. The ability to connect with friends as well as other players online significantly adds to the overall experience. Its customization ensures that players never get bored. Both casual players and gamers can greatly enjoy themselves as they solve various problems and earn their virtual rewards.

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 4

Lasting Appeal 4

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