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Xbox review

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Molly Johnson

Xbox review

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Xbox is the only console, which can compete with Sony's PlayStation. And to mimic the popular trend, Microsoft released a mobile application, exclusively for the Xbox adepts. The app's central role is to enhance the gaming experience, to allow you to stay in touch with your clan/fireteam/guild, etc.

Previously known as the Xbox 360 Smartglass, the application also allows you to keep track of your game stats, records, keep tabs in your Live account, create thematic communities, and so on. Registration is quick and requires only your email address.


This app turns your phone literally into a personal mini command-centre of your Xbox reality.

Right after the installation is complete, a random nickname and avatar will be generated for you. You can either change it or keep it, If by chance you find your new pseudonym suitable enough. The same goes for the avatar.

Right in the app, you can monitor the game catalogue you currently own and add some new titles from the Microsoft Store, if you please.

Besides, your Facebook/Twitter accounts can be "tied" to your Xbox app profile. As soon as it's done, you'll be able to see what games your friends prefer, how well they progress, how many hours they spent playing, etc. This opens a wide opportunity for competition between you and them, of course.

Other handy features include:

  • Viewing your own game accomplishments.
  • See the game recommendations, based on your preferences and taste.
  • Check what games your friends are playing at the moment.
  • Use the app's instant-messenger to plan another Fortnite session, Minecraft flash mob, Fallout 76 release/cancelation party, etc.

And if you're fond of recording your brightest moments of playing in the annals of history, the app can do this too. Record feature allows you to make videos and store/upload them online later. Before sharing your recorded adventures and escapades, you can tweak both video/audio quality and choose the directory, where the files will be stored.

Ease of Use

Xbox app is an awesome utility for a gamer to have. It's available for both iOS and Android users and its overall performance is quite good. It adds all your Xbox games to the newly created account, your achievements, trophies, and also the friend-list.

Thanks to the instant-messaging feature, organizing game events, operations, and raids becomes very easy. And if you have a bit of spare time and don't know which one of your pals you could join, the Xbox app will give you a full account of "who plays what" at the present moment.

Furthermore, the app can be used as a remote control whenever you play multimedia files on your console. Play/pause/rewind etc. — your Xbox turns into a mini home movie theatre.


All in all Xbox app is the "basket" in which you can keep all of your games, create communities, chat with friends, organize events, keep track of the accomplishments, and produce video content. Its fun potential is pretty considerable, so you should try it.

Interface 4

Features 4

Usability 4

Compatibility 4

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